Variety Chews

Barkworthies variety chews will have your dog’s taste buds barking and keep him engaged, happy and healthy. 

Small Variety Pack

Barkworthies has assembled our best-selling, premium all-natural chews that are perfect for your little dog with big personality!

All Natural Grain or Gluten Free No Added Sugar

The Small Breed Variety Pack contain favorites like bully sticks, cow tails, bones, and antlers, all of which have been sized appropriately for your companion. 

The Barkworthies Small Breed Variety Pack contain products that vary in chew durations and textures to ensure your dog is satisfied while supporting positive dental health with active chewing.

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4-5" Bully Stick, Cow Tail Tip, Beef Rib Bone, Split Elk Antler, 3-4" Stuffed Shin Bone with Bully Blend Recipe