May 31, 2012

Barkworthies Featured Product: Natural Treat Sticks

Barkworthies All-Natural Treat SticksDogs are crazy for Barkworthies Bully Sticks, no doubt about it. But sometimes it’s a good idea to change things up. If you haven’t already given your dog our Natural Treat Sticks we suggest checking them out! A departure from your everyday dog treat, they’re not only packed with all-natural and additive free ingredients, they’re also full of nutrition.

Free of wheat, corn and soy, Barkworthies Natural Treat Sticks are made from 100% digestible and healthy ingredients. These delicious treats are full of nutrients essential to maintaining health. WIth wholesome fruits and veggies like apples potatoes and nutritional yeast — a supplement packed with B2, B12, fiber and complete proteins — this all-natural dog treat combines the taste and safety of bully sticks with the nutrition of vegetables.

Natural Treat Sticks are also available in different sizes! Offered in 12” Inch and 6” Inch Natural Treat Sticks, no matter your dog’s size we’ve got a treat stick for your pup! Softer than your average bully stick, these treats are ideal for senior dogs and puppies. They can even be broken into smaller pieces and used as a training aid!

Barkworthies 6" Natural Treat StickMade with care by our neighbors to the north, these Canadian Made dog treats are of the highest quality around. Take a break from the norm and spoil your pooch with Barkworthies Natural Treat Sticks.

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