May 3, 2012

3 Great Barkworthies Products Made in the USA

In addition to our commitment to bring you the highest quality premium treats possible, Barkworthies does our best to source many of these great treats right from our own backyard. Let’s look at a few of these great offerings made right here in the USA.

Barkworthies American Bully Sticks1. Barkworthies 18” Skinny Odor-Free American Bully Stick

At 18 inches long, there is plenty of this treat to go around!  Safe and 100% digestible, bully sticks are a great alternative to rawhide treats. Ideal for smaller dogs or less aggressive chewers, the 18” Skinny Odor-Free American Bully Stick is a delicious way to promote hygiene and happiness. Chewing massages the gums and improves breath by removing tartar and plaque. Being odor-free, these great treats won’t stink up your furniture or carpets, either! And unlike other bully sticks, these single-ingredient, all-natural treats are never bleached or treated with chemicals.

2. Barkworthies American Smoky Shin Bone

Extra-long lasting and perfect for medium to large breeds, this nutritious marrow-filled bone is packed with vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining health. Barkworthies American Smoky Shin Bones are not only all-natural and additive-free, they’re even FDA approved! With pieces of meat and tendon still hanging off the bone, this tantalizing treat will have your dog jumping for joy in no time!

3. Barkworthies American Baked Bison Liver

Eight ounces of crunchy goodness, these nutrient-rich treats are great whole or broken up into smaller bite-sized pieces. Great for training, Barkworthies American Baked Bison Livers are ounce for ounce the most protein and vitamin A rich of any Barkworthies treats. Naturally low in sodium and completely chemical and additive-free, these safe and easily digestible treats are particularly great for puppies and senior dogs.

Barkworthies is proud to offer these wholesome and nutritious American made dog treats. We’ve got plenty more, too! Browse the Barkworthies website to view our entire selection of all-natural and additive free products.

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