March 12, 2014

New Products Launched at Global Pet Expo


The Barkworthies team is out at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL this week. We’ve been busily preparing for this major event for

months, readying cutting edge products and creating brand new POP displays for our retail partners.


We wanted our fans and blog readers to get a chance, before those retailers make it back from the show, to get a sneak peek at some of the exciting new products we’re debuting this week at the show!


First, an exciting new line of Australian Sausages are hitting the market. Over the years, our Australian line has grown from a very minimal line to a large part of our supply. Some of the highest quality free-range protein sources are found in that part of the world, and we are excited to have all of these excellent products available to our consumers. Now available are Kangaroo, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Beef Liver and Pork. Coming soon, we will also have Crocodile and Buffalo Sausage!


New to our Made in the USA line, we bring USA Sweet Potato chews and Alaskan Salmon Skin, both of which have been featured in our Chewsday Tuesday giveaways recently. Both of these products are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Our Sweet Potatoes are a crunchy, dehydrated chew that is a bit longer lasting that our Alaskan Salmon Skin, which provides a great treat for our fish-lovers.


For our friends that like to feed their dogs a raw diet, we have our new Pork Jambone! Coming in both a small and large size, these bones are a pure, meaty delight for those aggressive chewers. About a quarter to half of this bone is actually intact meat!

Coming soon after we return from the show will be our Junior Bully Braided Puffs – an airy textured braided chew made from the
bladder of free-range Brazilian cattle. These will come in 6” and 12” lengths, giving options for small to large sized dogs. Also, our new Beef Tendon Ribbons will be debuting upon our return. Available in both small (5-7”) and large (7-9”) sizes, these chewy, nutrient filled tendons will provide a great alternative chew for your pup!


We’re really excited to hear your feedback on these new products – Let us know how we’re doing via Facebook, Twitter or right here on our blog! Contact your local Barkworthies retailer to express your interest our new items as well!


Your Barkworthies Team

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