June 5, 2013

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Driving Safely With DogsSummer is nearly here and that means vacations are on the horizon. Traveling is fantastic way to spend some quality time with your dog. In fact, Barkworthies encourages owners to bring along their pets on trips — but only as long as proper preparations have been made! Otherwise, you might want to leave your dog behind with a pet sitter or at the kennel. Having a pet with you while traveling is no doubt great for companionship, but there are serious considerations to keep in mind before and during your trip.

Doggie Bag

Making a list of important things to pack is a pretty regular pre-vacation strategy to make sure you have everything you need. Make a list for your dog as well. There are many things your dog needs besides essentials like a collar with ID tags and a leash. Here are some suggested items to bring along for your dog:

  • Dog Seat Belt


If you plan on traveling with your dog by car this summer make sure you give them plenty of breaks during the trip. Regular bathroom breaks and ample walks are essential. Frequent breaks will ensure your dog doesn’t become too antsy in the car, or worse, have an accident!

Dogs love to ride in the back of pickup trucks. Sadly, it just isn’t safe. Dogs should be kept inside the cab of a truck at all times. If it’s totally necessary to have them in the bed of a truck, securely attach a kennel into the bed of the truck.

It’s no fun to deprive your dog the enjoyment of sticking their head out the window either — but road hazards like debris and bugs can hurt your dog. If you’re dead set on letting your dog stick it’s head out the window, make sure you’re using a dog-specific seat belt to prevent them from leaning out too far.

Animals can also become carsick so watch for signs of nausea or discomfort. If your dog does get motion sickness while driving, it might be a better idea to only feed your dog small meals before a trip and lightly throughout the drive .


Flying is difficult enough for people, but dogs have to jump through hoops to catch a flight. Many airlines have their own rules when it comes to transporting pets by plane so be sure to check with your carrier well ahead of time so there are no surprises.

These restrictions range drastically from location to location and include things like time of day, flight time, breed, age, crate size, weather and animal weight. Always be sure to add extra time beyond normal check-in guidelines if traveling with pets.

Seek out Pet Friendly Areas/Hotels

When choosing your travel destinations, check and see if any lodging in the area accepts pets. Many hotels offer great accommodations for pets — others do not. Bed and breakfasts usually won’t host pets, but there are some bed and breakfasts with a dog-centric focus so keep an eye out.

If your dog is allowed to stay with you at a hotel or in a bed and breakfast, make sure your dog stays in line and doesn’t bother other guests or staff. Being in a strange place can be an added source of stress for your dog so don’t leave them alone for extended periods as they might cause damage to hotel property.

Prudent Planning

All in all, the biggest hurdle to traveling with your pet is making sure you’re up to speed on what’s happening where you’re headed. Travel arrangements and accommodations should be booked in advance to minimize any pet related complications. Make sure you pack all the things you and your dog need for the trip ahead and it should be smooth sailing!

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