June 27, 2013

Barkworthies Featured Product: Chicken Feet

Barkworthies All-Natural Chicken Feet Dog TreatsBarkworthies understands the importance owners place on their pet’s health. That’s exactly why we strive to offer as many nutritious single-ingredient dog treats as possible. Barkworthies Chicken Feet are nutrient-rich, low-fat treats made from all-natural chicken.

Chicken feet are rich in glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and calcium, which are great for joint, bone, and skin health. Since we use the entire chicken foot, our treats have higher levels of these nutrients.  This makes Barkworthies Chicken Feet particularly great for senior dogs and growing pups. Barkworthies dog treats are also unprocessed giving them more flavor and nutrition your average treat.

Chewing on bones is also a great way to keep your pup’s pearly whites clean. With no chemicals, hormones or additives of any kind, Barkworthies Treats and Chews are some of the highest quality dog treats available today! Uncooked bones — like those in our products —pose far less of a hazard to your dog than their cooked counterparts. And unlike many other products on today’s market, our chicken feet are fully digestible dog treats.

Healthy Chicken Feet Dog Treats from BarkworthiesTake a peek at the Barkworthies website to view our entire selection of all-natural and additive free products. to find other healthy, single-ingredient treats like our Chicken Feet!

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