June 19, 2013

Barkworthies Celebrates "Take Your Dog to Work Week"

Barkworthies Celebrates "Take Your Dog to Work Week!"

Barkworthies is particularly excited for next Monday. If you hadn’t already heard, it’s Bring Your Dog to Work Week! This great holiday is tons of fun for everyone involved and gives owners the rare chance to spend a whole week with their dogs.

We at Barkworthies also want to remind pet owners what this holiday is really about — spreading awareness — but more importantly, how to have fun doing it! This holiday is a great opportunity to educate co-workers about pet adoption and animal rights awareness. Let’s look at a few ways you can make the most of this holiday.

Work Preparations

Not every company will be comfortable celebrating this holiday. Before you begin celebratory preparations, check with your manager first. Also, many co-workers might not be comfortable around dogs. Ask the colleagues you work with most directly are comfortable spending time around your dog during work hours.

A Good Fit for the Workplace

Even if your employer supports Bring Your Dog to Work Week, your dog might not be as excited as you. A shy or skittish dog might be better off left at home. This is especially true if he/she isn’t good with new dogs or people. Taking your dog into a new environment can be stressful. As such, this holiday is best reserved for adequately socialized dogs.

If your dog does play well with others, you won’t have much to worry about. Just make sure your dog is up to date on it’s shots and vaccinations. Contact with new dogs, even if it’s brief, can increase the chance of contracting diseases.

Inform Others

Talk with your coworkers to make sure they know how to dog-proof their work areas. Furthermore, educate them about what foods are hazardous for dogs. People food like chocolate, onions, avocados, grapes and raisins should never be given to dogs. To minimize any food related risks, bring along your own treats for your dog and hand them to your co-workers.

Take Your Dog to Work WeekPack a Doggy Bag

If at all possible, bring your dog’s crate to work so they can get away from all the activities going on around them. This safe haven will give them comfort if they become agitated or anxious about the new environment.

Bringing along a couple of favorite chew toys and a bed is also a good idea. Make sure your dog has plenty of distractions while at work. Without some sort of distraction, your dog might end up pestering your coworkers. Barkworthies American Elk Antler Dog Chews or our All-Natural Bully Sticks will keep their attention all day! Be sure to grab a few extra for the other dogs.

Don’t forget the essentials, either! A leash, bowls and food should be brought at the bare minimum.

Prudent Planning

Taking these simple precautionary steps can help prevent a whole host of issues. Bringing your dog to work should be a positive and fun experience for everyone involved. Sadly, some dogs won’t be into it. If your dog seems uncomfortable, consider taking him/her back home for the remainder of the day. Sometimes it’s a better choice than forcing them to stick around somewhere they might not feel comfortable.

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