June 14, 2013

Barkworthies Featured Product: American Smoky Pig Femur

Barkworthies USA Made Smoky Pig Femur BonesA perfect treat for medium to large breeds, the Barkworthies Smoky Pig Femur Bone is a great addition to our line of all-natural dog treats and chews! Each marrow-filled bone is packed with iron, zinc and calcium — nutrients essential to maintaining healthy immune systems and strong bones.

Dense and durable, this chew will provide even the most aggressive chewers with an extra long lasting source of distraction for hours. Chewing improves oral hygiene and reduces the risk of disease by massaging the gums and removing tartar. It will also improve your dog’s breath!

Barkworthies bakes our bones to ensure they are bacteria free. And since they still have bits of meat and connective tissue attached, these dog bones are making completely irresistible. We don’t use artificial ingredients or chemicals either. These additive-free dog chews are healthy and safe choice for your dog. Sourced from and Made in the USA, Barkworthies Smoky Pig Femur Bones are even FDA approved!   

Barkworthies Products Made in the USASafe, nutritious and delicious, there aren’t many treats that come close. Barkworthies is proud to offer these wholesome and nutritious American made dog treats. We’ve got plenty more, too! Browse the Barkworthies website to view our entire selection of all-natural and additive free dog products.

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