July 9, 2013

The Dogs of Barkworthies!

In celebration of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, we here at Barkworthies got our staff to round up pictures and stories about their own dogs! While we fully support this great holiday, unfortunately weren’t able to bring our dogs to work this year. After all the place is filled with treats — it’d be a madhouse! The Dogs of Barkworthies each have their own stories to tell.

First up is our Marketing Director, Bill. Here’s what he had to say about his dog:

Bill's Dog, RosieRosie is a Shepherd mix. She’s 2 years old and we got her from the Richmond Animal League.  The most interesting thing about her is she almost never barks. She barks literally twice a week. She also goes completely limp when she’s on the bed. If  you try to move her off, she doesn’t fight you or growl — she just goes limp!  It’s her special kind of passive resistance and protest for having to move.

She loves – loves – loves Barkworthies Bully Sticks. We try to give her all-natural treats because she has a lot of allergies. The all-natural treats don’t affect her the way some of the processed treats have in the past.

Tim, our National Sales Director is quite the dog wrangler. He has got four dogs, each with their own story to tell:

Now 5 years old, Bob Barker is a Border Collie and Golden Retriever mix we rescued from the pound. He was a stray and we decided to pick him for a few reasons. First, he’s a real sweet dog and immediately warmed up to me. Second, he’s got a super high pitched squeaky bark I couldn’t ignore! We usually feed him Barkworthies Beef Tracheas. They’re definitely his favorite. Although, since I’ve got so many dogs I need to keep them busy otherwise they’ll get bored and trash the house when I’m gone. Long lasting chews like Bully Sticks and Elk Antlers are great at interrupting unwanted behavior.

Iggy Poop is an 18 month old Lab and Shepherd mix. A friend of mine was surprised with an unplanned litter of puppies one day so I took it upon myself to adopt one of them. He takes to the water like a duck! He loves to swim and he’s really good at it. Iggy still has tons of puppy energy and loves to chew so Barkworthies Elk Antlers are perfect for him. They last a long time and since he loves them so much, he’s less prone to go after things he shouldn’t be chewing.

Tim and his dogs, Bob Barker, Iggy Poop, Lennie and GeorgeA Pitbull and Australian Shepherd mix, Lennie was adopted from the Henrico Humane Society. He is now 6 years old and going strong. Lennie is a real sweetheart and has some special needs. An accident left him without his front left leg and shoulder. He also has trouble opening his mouth fully. Because of this, we have to make sure we give him appropriate food and treats. I used to give my dogs rawhide until Lennie got a piece stuck in his intestine. After that I switched over to all-natural chews which can actually be digested. He’s a big guy but he can’t chew too well. Because of his condition, he’s a big fan of the Monster Angus Tendon.

George is now 12 years old. He was rescued at a mere three weeks old, though! A Shepherd and Irish Wolfhound mix, he might be a big guy but he’s terrified of thunderstorms. Not the most comfortable thing having a frightened 120 lb dog in your lap! That’s probably the only thing he’s really scared of, though. He’s the guard dog of the house for sure. He’s a big guy and while I like to give him Thick Bully Sticks, I usually give him a Standard Bully Stick because they have a few less calories. And since he’s a bit older, we only give him healthy 100% digestible natural dog chews we know he’ll enjoy.

Tim is certainly the odd man out with so many dogs! Most everyone, like Karli our Accounting Specialist, has just one dog. Here’s what Karli had to say about her pup:

Karli and her pup, BananaBanana is a 4 year old Puggle. I found her on the Craigslist Pet Section here in Richmond, Virginia. I had been looking for a dog for quite a while and got really excited when I saw the listing. Puggles are so cute! One of my favorite things about Banana is the fact that she sits like a person on the couch. Butt down and legs out to the front, it’s hilarious!

A big thanks to our staff members for sharing great stories about their dogs.  There’s more than three of us, though! With so much of our staff here at Barkworthies passionate about their dogs, we have much more in store. Next week we’ll catch up with some of our other staff members and share their stories as well. In the meantime, be on the lookout for this Friday’s Product Spotlight!

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