July 5, 2013

Barkworthies Featured Product: All-Natural Rabbit Treats

Barkworthies All-Natural Rabbit RollsBarkworthies ever-expanding line of ultra-premium dog treats and chews now includes two new products — Natural Rabbit Rolls and Natural Rabbit Bon Bons! Made from the highest quality rabbit we could find, pull one of these Rabbit Treats out of your hat and you’ll have your dog begging for more!

Rabbit meat is a nutritionally dense and healthy alternative to chicken, pork and beef treats. It also contains significantly less cholesterol, fewer calories and less fat by weight. This protein-rich meat is perfect for older and overweight dogs who need less calories in their diet. Rabbit’s high digestibility also makes it a perfect treat for puppies and pup’s with sensitive stomachs.

Barkworthies Natural Rabbit Rolls are approximately six inches long. Give your dog a whole roll or break one up into smaller bite-sized snacks. These versatile treats are perfect for dogs of any size or age.

Barkworthies All-Natural Rabbit Bon BonsCut into one inch bite sized pieces, Barkworthies Natural Rabbit Bon Bons are the perfect training aid. Each package contains enough individual pieces to keep your dog’s attention for hours on end!

Sourced from Argentina, Barkworthies only uses 100% free-range and grass-fed rabbit. Both the Natural Rabbit Rolls and Natural Rabbit Bon Bons are free of hormones, additives and preservatives. Barkworthies is proud to offer these fantastic products in addition to our wide selection of 100% All-Natural treats and chews.

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