July 24, 2013

Barkworthies Celebrates: Support Your Local Animal Shelter Week

Barkworthies says, "Support Your Local Shelter Week"Animal Shelters serve a very important role in our communities. However, many of these great establishments do more than just foster animals before they find their permanent home. Shelter staff lovingly take in injured, abused and disabled pets every day to rehabilitate them in preparation of a better life.

Doing your part to help these great organizations doesn’t require you to bend over backwards. Many folks have done heaps to contribute to the well being of animals in their community and you can too!  In order to highlight the importance of Support Your Local Animal Shelter Week, Barkworthies has assembled a list of ways you can lend support to a shelter in your area.


There are an estimated 5 Million pets eagerly awaiting adoption in animal shelters all over the United States. With so many animals looking for a new owner to walk through the doors of their shelter, we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to consider adopting before buying. If you’ve adopted a pet in need, you’ve already made a huge contribution! Share your success story with friends to demonstrate the value of adopting and the impact it has made in your life.

Barkworthies Volunteering TipsVolunteer

Sadly, some aren’t in a position to be able to take in an animal in need. Often times these circumstances lay outside our control. That’s okay, though! You can still make a difference even if you are unable to adopt. Consider volunteering your time at a local shelter. Have some extra special skills you think might benefit your local shelter? Even better! There are tons of ways to lend a valuable hand. Contact your local shelter to see if there’s any way you can do your part.


When people think about donations, money is usually the first thing that comes to mind. And while most shelters would be excited to receive such a gift from a community member, money isn’t the only thing worthy of donation. Everything from pet toys, leashes, extra pet food, water bowls and crates are sure to be of great value to most any shelter. Even cleaning supplies like dustpans, mops or brooms are great. The possibilities are endless. Next time you plan on throwing away such items think of the people, and more importantly the animals, who could benefit.

Advocacy & Education

Education is the first step towards action. Find ways to engage with your community that will benefit your local shelter. Put together a shelter related fundraiser in your community to help them meet their needs so they might find homes for their current animals. The ASPCA is a great resource for finding additional information about the many ways you can contribute to the well being of animals in need.

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