July 19, 2012

Find Delicious and Nutritious Dog Treats

Adorable Dog Wanting TreatsAfter a few decades of indulgence, humans are becoming interested in nutrition again. For the vast majority of us, we simply didn’t realize the havoc things like trans fats and processed foods could wreak. Now, however, our eyes have been opened, and those of us who weren’t so nutritionally-minded just a few years ago have begun reading labels and paying attention.

At Barkworthies, we know it’s not just humans who need to be eating healthy food, our pets require a healthy diet if we want them to feel their best. That’s why we offer a huge selection of All-Natural Dog Treats. Our company’s mission is to provide pets and their humans with wholesome products and honest information about nutritional components. The health of your pet is our first priority, so you can trust your pet is getting quality nutrition.

For dogs with sensitivity towards beef, we have some great alternative dog treats like Chicken Jerky. Made from chickens born and raised in the USA, these tasty treats are low in fat and high in protein. Your pup is sure to love these thick cut jerky treats, which can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller dogs or to use as training treats. This all-natural snack will add variety to your dog’s beef based treats.

Cow Ears are a favorite canine treat, and the cow ears you’ll find at Barkworthies are of the highest quality. These treats are oven-baked and 100% natural. They are incredibly flavorful, encourage chewing and promote healthy teeth and gums. Available in packs of 25, 50, 100 or 200, you’ll be as happy with their value as your pup is with this yummy treat!

Barkworthies Knuckle BoneFor an extra special treat, give your dog a Large Knuckle Bone. This beef Knuckle Bone comes from 100% All-Natural, free-range grass fed beef. Full of yummy bits surrounding a long-lasting chew, your pup will turn in circles for this amazing treat! Each Large Knuckle Bone is individually shrink-wrapped to lock in flavor and for ease of shipment. Your pup won’t stop thanking you for giving him such a decadent and flavorful treat.

Just as you’re keeping an eye on your diet and its nutritional components, Barkworthies is looking out for your pet’s health and nutrition. You don’t have to spend hours searching and comparing products; just go to Barkworthies.com and know you’ll be getting the safest, most nutritious products available. We will never sell anything we wouldn’t give our own dogs, so you can trust us to keep your pup’s best interests at heart.

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