July 12, 2013

Barkworthies Featured Product: Pork Scrolls

We here at Barkworthies are excited to announce another tasty addition to our line of premium, all-natural dog treats and chews! Low in fat, high in protein and packed with important nutrients, Barkworthies Pork Scrolls are the perfect way to treat your dog to something new!

Tough like rawhide but 100% digestible, Barkworthies Pork Scrolls become softer as they’re chewed. This ensures a safe and healthy chewing experience for your dog. Also, chewing naturally helps keep teeth clean by removing tartar and plaque. Regular chewing can even promote fresh breath!

Made from the inner ear, each nutritious treat is exclusively sourced from the highest quality Australian pork. A perfect combination of delicious flavor and quality nutrition!

Barkworthies Pork Scrolls are single-ingredient dog chews guaranteed to be additive-free and preservative-free. In fact, all Barkworthies Premium Dog Treats and Chews abide by these healthy standards. After all, we’re out to produce the healthiest and most natural dog treats available!

Each bag of Barkworthies Pork Scrolls contains 8 individual scrolls, measuring approximately 4” x 3”. Consider changing up your treat routine and surprise your dog with one of these tasty treats from our friends Down Under!

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