July 12, 2012

Barkworthies Treats and Proud Pet Parents

Proud Golden Retriever PuppyAs we move into July, graduations have been celebrated and kids are celebrating their free time before another year. Some kids are off to college despite the fact that it seems like they were babies just yesterday and parents all around the world are oozing with pride and love for their children and their accomplishments. At Barkworthies, we know many households have four-legged children, too, complete with proud two-legged parents.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior is one of the most common reasons people use dog treats. With so many choices on the market today, it can be difficult to separate the safe and healthy treats from the rest. We want to make it easy to find top quality dog treats for your four-legged family members and we do so by only sell products we would give our own canine kids.

If your dog loves to chew, we suggest Elk Antlers. Available in multiple sizes, these all-natural dog treats are cleaned and inspected for safety. Perfect for aggressive chewers, Elk Antlers are a great alternative to other dog chews and bones.

If your dog loves beef treats, he’s sure to love Grass Fed Monster Angus Tendons. These  treats are approximately 10 to 12 inches long for long lasting fun. As it says in their name, these treats come from grass fed Angus beef, and they contain absolutely no hormones, preservative or by-products. Plus, they are naturally high in protein and low in fat. Available in cases of 25, these treats are great for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

For dogs who are sensitive to beef or want some variety among their normal beef- based snacks, we offer a variety of non-beef options such as turkey, chicken, fish and pork products. For starters we recommend Chicken Jerky. Made from 100% All-Natural US Chicken, these delicious treats are additives, preservatives and hormone-free dog treats. Great for any dog, these treats come in 1lbs or 8 oz bags.

Barkworthies Pig EarsBarkworthies’ Pig Ears are incredibly flavorful dog treats. Oven roasted for maximum flavor, these 100% all-natural dog treats are also 100% digestible. Pig Ears are great for dental health as well. While your dog is happily gnawing away on the Pig Ear, it will help clean plaque from the teeth and massage the gums for a happy, healthy mouth. Individually wrapped to maintain freshness, your dog will howl his appreciation for this tempting treat!

We know you love your dog. At Barkworthies, we want to help you show just how proud of your furry friend you are by offering a wide variety of All-Natural Dog Treats. Canines learn  new behaviors through rewarding with treats, and using treats is a great way to reinforce good behavior with a tasty snack. Whether you’re actively training or simply rewarding your good pooch, Barkworthies is the place to find the best selection of All-Natural Dog Treats.

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