January 14, 2013

Mother Nature’s Answer for Dog Chews

Barkworthies.com knows dogs love to chew. In fact, the consumer market is flooded with hundreds of dog chews in all shapes and sizes. From rawhide chews to bones made from plastic, the choices seem never ending. These days, we can manufacture just about anything, but we need to ask ourselves an important question: what kind of impact does all that processing have on our four-legged family members?

As consumers, it’s our responsibility to be gentle on our planet and to use sustainable products as often as we can. As dog owners, it’s up to us to give our pet treats and chews that are safe and healthy, yet it can be difficult to sift through the commercialized pet industry to discover quality products. Mother Nature has the answer for this pet predicament: Elk Antlers!

Chewed by wild dogs and wolves for centuries, Elk Antlers are nature’s dog chews. They’re an all-natural chew that lasts a long time and is packed with vital nutrients like calcium, zinc and iron. As with food, the less processed it is, the better it is for you. That’s why at Barkworthies.com, we keep the processing to a minimum. Every year, elk naturally shed their antlers, so we simply gather them, clean them and package them to send to dogs everywhere! 

Unlike other brands, Barkworthies never uses bleach or chemicals to clean our Elk Antlers, and all our Elk Antlers come from elk right here in the USA (the Rocky Mountains, to be exact). Dogs love our Elk Antlers because they present an enticing challenge. You’ll love that they’re odor-free and they don’t splinter or crack like other dog chews. Your dog’s natural chewing motion grinds down these Elk Antlers over time. The more your dog chews, the closer he gets to the soft, meaty center. Available in five sizes from small to giant, you’ll find the perfect size for your pooch at Barkworthies.com.

For an alternative to Whole Elk Antlers, Barkworthies is excited to carry Split Elk Antlers. Made from our USA-sourced Elk Antlers, we simply split them down the middle, exposing the marrow-like core. Since they reveal the entire middle of the antler, Split Elk Antlers provide a variety of texture in each bite! Your pooch will have direct access to the tasty center that’s chock full of nutrients his body needs. Half the size of our Whole Elk Antlers, our Split Elk Antlers can be gentler on your dog’s jaw because the texture is softer, so older dogs and puppies do better with these than whole antlers. Choose from our small or large size depending on your dog’s age and breed.

Humans are smart, but Mother Nature is smarter. She knows that all the processing and manufacturing in the world isn’t as safe or satisfying as all-natural Elk Antlers. Here at Barkworthies.com, we’ve learned that lesson! We’re happy to bring you a selection of Elk Antlers that are safe and nutritious for your favorite pooch. 

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