Green Practices

Go Green. Go Barkworthies All Natural Chews.

Barkworthies all-natural dog chews and treats from are an inherently greener alternative. We source from free-range, grass-fed beef in Brazil as well as American and Australian products that aren’t for human consumption, but hold high health benefits for your dog. We don’t believe in throwing away something that is healthy and good when it can be used. This is why we choose to reduce and reuse to give your dog a safe and eco-friendly dog treat every time they bite into Barkworthies.

Environmentally Responsible Practices and Facilities

From the warehouse to the office, our staff recycles! We collect and dispose of soda cans, paper scraps and other waste by recycling. In fact, a few of our most eco-dedicated employees have set up recycling stations in different areas of our building to remind others to do their part. Our warehouse staff recycles 90% of the cardboard that is disposed of in our facility.

 Using Recyclable Materials

At Barkworthies, we choose to use completely recyclable cardboard display boxes, made of 30-35% recycled material. The boxes used for customer shipments are also recyclable. We encourage you to repurpose or recycle these materials when they reach your home!

Post-consumer Material Office Furniture

We work greener by using post consumer desks and work furniture! The majority of our office staff use workstations made from 27% post consumer materials and are 59% recyclable. Our desks break down into small parts, which makes for easier recycling in the future. Plus, using these distinctive workstations will help us earn LEED credits.

Energy-efficient Lighting

We’re a growing business, which means a lot of warehouse space! But this doesn’t have to mean a larger consumption of energy. We have installed energy-efficient lighting that turns itself off if no one is in the area. We feel this is a great way to lessen our energy footprint.