February 8, 2013

All-American Dog Chew

These days, lots of businesses are manufacturing their products overseas in an effort to save money. The USA imports hundreds of thousands of goods into our country instead of looking to our own natural resources for what we need. At Barkworthies.com, we support local resources and local business (after all, we ARE one!), which is why we source all our Elk Antlers from right here in the USA—the Rocky Mountains to be exact. Though wild dogs and wolves have been gnawing on Elk Antlers for centuries, they’re introduction to the pet industry is fairly recent, but they’re growing in popularity. 

There are lots of reasons to love USA Elk Antlers, not the least of which is that they’re all natural. As we mentioned, the Barkworthies Elk Antlers are sourced locally, which creates jobs in a country we love. Whole Elk Antlers look a lot like a stick, but they don’t split or splinter like wood. They’re comprised of a hard outer shell that gives way to a soft, meaty center. They’re some of the longest lasting dog chews we’ve ever come across.

Another great thing about Elk Antlers is that they come in a variety of sizes (5 sizes in all), so no matter the breed or age of your dog, you can easily find the perfect Elk Antler to fit the size of your pooch’s mouth. As he chews he’ll also be doing his teeth and gums a favor – each gnaw scrapes away food particles to keep his teeth clean and gives his gums a nice workout. He’ll also be keeping boredom at bay and satisfying his innate canine need to chew.

For dogs who have gentler jaws, like puppies and senior dogs, chewing is still an essential doggie drive. Puppies teethe like babies, and they also learn about things by chewing on them (again, just like human babies!). Older dogs still like to chew for exercise, to combat anxiety and just to have something to do. For these kinds of dogs, we recommend our Split Elk Antlers. We take a whole Elk Antler and split it right down the middle to reveal it’s soft inner core.

With Barkworthies Split Elk Antlers, your pooch will be getting a variety of texture with every bite, which helps to hold his interest. By exposing the soft center, your older dog or spry puppy has a softer surface he can sink his teeth into. Did we mention Elk Antlers are chock full of nutrients your dog needs, too? With each bite your furry friend will be accessing great vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc and iron that his body can use to stay healthy.

We know we’re not changing the world simply by sourcing our Elk Antlers right here in the USA, but it’s the little things that count, right? At Barkworthies.com, we care about our country, and we think every effort is important no matter how large or small. After all, those little things will eventually add up to something big. 

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