Chews Rescue Shelter Program Launched!


Barkworthies has an exciting new campaign that we can't wait to tell you about!

The Chews Rescue Shelter Program, launched this March, is our way to support rescue animals! We have partnered with a local animal shelter, Richmond Animal League, to award them a $10,000 Donation. We are running a 2-month Facebook campaign that invites pet parents to support animal rescue by sharing photos and stories of their own pet. For each entry in this Facebook contest, we will donate an additional $5 to the Richmond Animal League for each Facebook entry (March 1 - April 30, 2016).

At the end of our Facebook campaign, one lucky dog entered in the Chews Rescue Facebook Contest will be randomly selected to receive a year’s supply of Barkworthies treats and chews. Additionally, we will make a 500-piece product donation to an animal shelter in the winner’s honor!

We developed the Chews Rescue program as a tribute to everyone who assists in animal rescue and the positive
impact it makes on individual families and the community. Our CEO & Co-Founder Avrum Elmakis said,

“When my wife and I got our dogs, Espy and Sushi, it changed our lives. They were the inspiration to create Barkworthies and, ultimately, shaped the brand’s commitment and standards. We hope the Chews Rescue program gives back in a meaningful and significant way – it’s our way of saying thank you.”

For those of you who have purchased a Barkworthies product, you will see our rescue dog spokesdogs on our packaging and displays.
Our rescue model is Jackson, a 3 year old Australian cattle dog, pit bull terrier and border collie mix. Today, Jackson and his adoptive parents have Companion Pet Rescue to thank for their happily-ever-after.

It’s stories like these that Barkworthies is hoping to celebrate and inspire more of with their Chews Rescue shelter program. Those interested in supporting animal rescue are encouraged to enter Chews Rescue, and we'll will donate $5 to the cause in their honor:


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