August 16, 2013

Training with Barkworthies Natural Dog Treats

Barkworthies Natural Treat SticksBarkworthies is dedicated to providing owners with great-tasting nutrition for their four-legged friends. Offering everything from bully sticks to elk antlers and a variety of all-natural dog chews, Barkworthies makes keeping your pup healthy and happy easier than ever. Not only does Barkworthies offer products that are great-tasting and wholesome, they also offer several options that help owners through an important, and sometimes difficult, part of raising a dog – training.

Natural Mini Treats: Barkworthies Natural Mini Treats are bite-sized bits of chewy goodness! Wheat-, corn- and soy-free, these all-natural dog treats are big on flavor but low on calories, containing only 4 per piece! Perfectly sized to be given as a reward, our Natural Mini Treats are a great supplement during the training process.  Soft, healthy and available in a variety of flavors – including Smoky Bacon, Hickory Beef, Grilled Chicken and Peanut Butter – these treats are great for training a puppy or teaching an old dog new tricks! Easily popped into your pup’s mouth, he or she will be begging to “sit,” “stay” and “lay down” in no time!

Barkworthies Natural Mini Treats

Natural Treat Sticks: Barkworthies Natural Treat Sticks are another soft, chewy treat perfect for use as a training aid. Available in 6 or 12 inch long sticks, these chews can be easily broken into smaller pieces sized appropriately for your individual pup! Made from only the finest ingredients, without the use of soy, wheat, corn or artificial ingredients, these healthy dog treats contain whole oats, apple pulp, parsley and natural chicken flavor. With a meaty taste that Fido loves, and soft enough for dogs ages puppy to senior, our Natural Treat Sticks are sure to have pups everywhere begging for more!

As with all of Barkworthies all-natural dog products, our Natural Mini Treats and Natural Treat Sticks are preservative-free, chemical-free and additive-free. Healthy and fully-digestible, Barkworthies offers your dog the taste they crave and the nutrition they need.

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