August 16, 2012

Barkworthies Dental Treats:
Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth Has Never Been More Enjoyable & Easy!

Dogs love to chew but we don’t always love what they choose to chew. Since chewing habits are linked with good dental care, it’s better to promote positive chewing habits instead of discouraging all chewing habits. Chewing helps puppies when they are getting ready for “big dog” teeth and helps remove tartar from your dog’s teeth and gums. At Barkworthies, we know you want what’s best for your dog, so we’ve found dog treats that your dog will love to chew and will help your furniture stay in one piece.

Just like humans, dogs lose their puppy teeth and grow permanent ones. They have 28 puppy teeth that grow around 3-4 weeks of age. After four months, it is time for the big dog teeth, all 48 of them. During this time your dog may develop a love for chewing, so it’s best to be prepared by having dog chews and toys ready. Anytime your dog chooses a chew toy over furniture, a sock, slipper etc make sure to give lots of praise. This will condition your dog to choose the item you want chewed over the items you don’t want chewed.

While any Bully Stick will promote healthy teeth and gums because of the chewing action and saliva generation required to eat the stick, we have choose two of our favorites, Bully Stick Flossers and Knotted Bully Sticks. They are 100% natural bully sticks and each has a fun, unique shape. The Bully Stick Flosser is a fun spiral that is 14-16 inches long and its unique shape provides stimulating chew time. It’s the natural choice for teeth and gum cleaning goodness.

If your dog wants a chewing challenge then try the Knotted Bully Stick. It’s two bully sticks in one! The combination of two bully sticks make this chew a great chewing challenge and it’s that hold These bully sticks vary in size and have a knotted middle, much like a pretzel. Plus, they're all natural and low in odor.

It is important to pay attention to your dog’s dental health. We suggest taking your dog to the vet for yearly dental exams to make sure all is well. Between visits, brush your dog’s teeth using toothpaste made especially for dogs. Chew toys are also great way for your dog to have fun while helping keep his teeth and gums healthy. Dental exercises help work the teeth and gums, scrape off plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar.

Some chew toys can be too hard for your dog’s teeth, so be careful when using new products. Thankfully, bully sticks soften with your dog’s saliva, so no worries there. We want what’s best for your dog and know you do too, that’s why we won’t sell anything that we wouldn’t give our own dogs.

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